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Guest Blog – Unlocking Wellness: Tailored Strategies for Seniors to Live Their Best Life

Navigating the complexities of aging demands a strategic approach to health and well-being, becoming all the more essential as one progresses through life’s later chapters. This guide is designed to arm seniors with practical, straightforward advice for attaining a rewarding and health-conscious lifestyle during these crucial years. With a focus on holistic care, it will touch upon key facets of physical, emotional, and mental health. Its aim is not merely to add years to your life but to add life to your years.

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Guest Blog – Embracing Resilience: Self-Care Strategies for Parents of Children with Special Needs

By: Emily Graham, Guest Writer,

Caring for children with special needs is a challenging yet rewarding journey. The crucial key to navigating this path successfully lies in an often-overlooked aspect: self-care. This article, courtesy of Falcone Law Firm, focuses on empowering parents of special needs children with essential self-care strategies, ensuring they not only survive but thrive in their caregiving roles.

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We are Lead Counsel Verified!

Falcone Law Firm is proud to announce we are Lead Counsel Verified! Contact us today to find out more.

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Medicaid News Advisory

Significant Increases to Medicaid Resource Limits in 2023

There’s good news for seniors who are either on Medicaid Community or Nursing home Care for 2023 or who might need those services in 2023.

Social Security Income (SSI) beneficiaries will receive an 8.7 percent annual cost of living adjustment in 2023.

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Falcone Law Firm – Proud Sponsor of Winters Center for Autism

Earlier this month, the Falcone Law Firm sponsored the Second Annual Joe Winters Memorial Golf Outing. We are proud to have been able to contribute to their noble cause.

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How Can a Medicaid Trust Provide a Financial Safety Cushion?

A Medicaid asset protection trust is an integral part of proactive estate planning. This article will explain how preparing a Medicaid asset protection trust can help safeguard your financial future.

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Why Are Healthcare Proxies Important?

Having a properly executed healthcare proxy is an integral part of estate planning; the only way to ensure your healthcare proxy is appropriately executed is by having an experienced attorney by your side. At the Falcone Law Firm, our estate planning experts have helped countless individuals and family members throughout New York prepare health care proxies.

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Special Needs Trusts

Special needs trusts help provide the most significant financial support to a person with a developmental disability. This article will discuss the two different types of special needs trusts, providing valuable information.

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Why Everyone Needs a Will

A will may seem like something you do not need to consider until late adulthood. However, there are numerous reasons why you need to have a will as soon as you are legally able, which in the case of New York State is 18 years old.

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Falcone Law Firm Receives 2022 Lawyers of Distinction Award

Our law firm is proud to receive the 2022 Lawyers of Distinction Award, Recognizing Excellence in Elder Law. Specializing in elder law since 2005, we pride ourselves on providing Long Island families and individuals with trusted legal guidance.

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