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What Is Estate Administration?

It is never an easy road after the death of a loved one. Whether it is a spouse, or close family member, the emotions that follow such a loss are never pleasant or easy to cope with. In this fragile emotional state, a spouse, or close family member might be called on to handle the estate of their loved one, leaving them vulnerable to bad decisions that might prove disastrous for the family overall. If your loved one died without a Will you need help figuring out what to do with assets after death. This is why so many people called on to perform Estate Administration for their loved one might immediately call a law office like Falcone Law Firm.

The chief reason is that few non-legal professionals know the first thing about Estate Administration. As defined under the law, Estate Administration is “when the assets of the decedent are gathered up and accounted for, and eventually distributed to the heirs of the estate.” Duties will make the administrator responsible for paying debts of a dead loved one as well, and if your own finances are not okay, this can be a tremendous burden. And what if there is no will? The situation can quickly spiral beyond the control of a person who before that day had never even heard of Estate Administration. Probate Litigation is a serious matter and one for the courts, and it is something that a novice Estate Administrator simply will not know anything about. It is vital to contact our law offices so that you can simply put your mind to rest and let professionals handle everything.

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What You Need to Have

Even if you turn matters over to us, we are going to need a few things so that we can easily go forward with your legal matter. First things first: The will. If your loved one left a will, our job, and yours, becomes much easier. Many people today even have Estate Planning documents that direct everything after their death. Then it is simply a matter of carrying out the wishes of your loved one after their death. Wills, living trusts, and estate planning documents, anything related to the estate, are all things we are going to need from you so that we can make your task easier.

Once we have the will, we can submit this document and a petition to the Probate court for administration. A court can verify that the will is legitimate. It is the court’s job to appoint an executor, and this person will be responsible for the estate throughout the estate administration process. Remember: A New York Probate Lawyer is here to help! We have helped thousands of people successfully complete their estate administration tasks, and we do so with great compassion and patience. We know what a trying time this is going to be for you and your family. We are only here to help.

Things become especially difficult if no will is present or if it cannot be located. It is here that your lawyer steps in and takes steps with the court to ensure that everything goes as it should. Managing the estate, executing the wishes of your loved one, and even going into Probate litigation if we need to are all part of our job. And there is always the danger of mismanaging these things. If the court believes the executor is mismanaging, they might take action and deem you negligent. This could result in you being removed as executor. It’s vital that you follow everything down to the letter of the law, always making sure you take great care in all of these matters.


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